Lynsey + Cory | Wrightwood Guest Ranch Wedding

Cory and Lynsey. Their wedding was held at the beautiful Wrightwood Guest Ranch, which is located right outside of San Bernardino. Its amazing how pretty the world gets when you drive just 20 minutes outside of road construction and jack in the box's. The Wrightwood Guest Ranch grounds are so bucolic and intimate, that I felt it was a perfect setting for a pair of Game of Thrones nerds (nerd is a term of endearment.) This is why Cory and Lynsey are my people. Discussing the pros and cons of the new xbox one with the groomsmen or quoting Dwight Schrute in your vows is something I wish happened in more weddings. In which I don't mean couples need to do those exact things, but they need to remember who this day is about. Its a day to celebrate who you are and who you are going to become together...and I think Cory and Lynsey nailed it magnificently.

Side note. Something that blew my mind. All of the cool signs and decorations all throughout their wedding? All made by Cory's Grandmother. That includes the huge bridal arch that I still done understand how it was created. It looked like it literally grew out of the earth to be in that exact spot.

And one last mention. Promise. Last one. I don't usually mention other vendors on my blog unless I think they are awesome. Videographer Michael Cannavo of Akros Media did a phenomenal job. Anyone can learn the technique, but having great interactions with your clients is the difference between good and great.  Check out his Vimeo page and you will see exactly what I am talking about. If you are looking for a videographer for your wedding, don't hire anyone else. Seriously. He is dope.


  1. Thanks for sharing! These are fabulous!

    1. Thank you for checking them out and the kind words!