Lynsey + Cory | Big Bear Engagement Session

Lynsey and Cory asked if I would be willing to travel to Big Bear for their engagement session.   Being avid snowboarders, Lynsey and Cory spend a lot of time together there...he even proposed to her on the mountain. Which was a funny/heartwarming story I got to hear on the drive up the mountain. (amongst many other hilarious stories.) I couldn't tell if my side hurt from laughing so much or from the angle I was sitting my 6'5" body in the back of a Mazda 3....which actually had a lot of backseat room. One Ryan size is roughly equal to 4 children under eight, three mid-size women, or two "Seacrest" size men. But their humor is what I love about these two. Being married almost eight years myself and witnessing quite a few marriages over the last few years, I believe being able to laugh together is one of the strongest traits a couple can have. That and agreeing on what to watch on Netflix.

I am glad we got to drive up the mountain together. By the time we found the spot we were looking for, which by looking I mean cursing at the rich people blocking our perfect spot with their inconveniently placed backyards, it felt like I really got to know Cory and Lynsey really well. They are both so easy to talk to, I really felt like I was just hanging out with friends rather than working. Just as we pulled down a random street, it ended as a parking lot to this small little park area. It was perfect.

And how like any session should end, we stopped for a coffee and beef jerky for the ride back down the mountain.

Below are some images of their Big Bear Engagement session!

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